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Midnite Blu - Musical Artist Press Kit

Midnite Blu is an American hip-hop and R&B artist/ songwriter from Tallahassee, Fl with a smooth, southern delivery; relatable, heartfelt lyrics, and a timeless sound often compared to Big K.R.I.T, and Pimp C. His music comes from a soulful and honest perspective, crafting catchy melodies along with a laid-back delivery.  He brings the excitement of his music to life on stage “doing what he does”.  Midnite Blu found inspiration in T.I, OutKast, Big K.R.I.T, & U.G.K.  He independently started his own audio production business/ record label “G33k Squad Bidness LLC”(in 2020) in hopes of being the spearhead to bringing a timeless sound to music and the world. In 2017, Blu would drop his first major solo release (and classic) titled “#ItsBlu, vol.1”; featuring songs such as “Ready to get Money”, “Blu Panther” & “Like My Jacket”. In 2018, Blu released his second major solo release titled “#ItsBlu, vol.2: Microphone Therapy”; featuring songs such as “Microphone Therapy”, “Pain on my Brain” and “On my Own”. Since 2019, Midnite Blu has released countless singles such as “Time Machine”, "Don't Waste Time", "4U" and "G.S.B" to name a few, and done several performances in the Tacoma, Seattle, Atlanta, and Tennessee areas. Midnite Blu's most recent body of music, B.L.U (Believe, Learning, Understand), is a perfect embodiment of what Midnite Blu's sound is evolving into. The project B.L.U features tracks such as "G33k'n", "I'm On", and "Fast Girls". Moving forward, Midnite Blu strives to establish himself as a well-known and respected artist and CEO, bringing an original, heartfelt, timeless sound to music with his smooth voice, southern flow, and melodic harmonization. "Midnite Muzik” as he calls it. Midnite Blu is a producer who makes and sells beats on his website( Midnite Blu really is a "One Man Band" G33k Squad Bidness LLC is just the beginning for Midnite Blu and his brand. 


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Midnite Blu

Midnite Blu

Midnite Blu

Midnite Blu

Midnite Blu


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